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Ready your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN)

The Ready Your LA Neighborhood Workshop provides the tools to prepare and organize your neighborhood to respond together in that first hour after a disaster to reduce injuries, protect your property and the environment, and most importantly, to save lives.

  • This free workshop is 90 minutes or less and can be held virtually or in person. 
  • EMD will provide the material needed for you to run this workshop with your closest neighbors. Depending on the size of your area, this may mean your full apartment building or just your closest 5-7 houses.
  • You may choose to facilitate the workshop yourself, or EMD staff can do so upon request.

Why is a neighborhood preparedness plan needed?

In a major disaster,  traditional 911 and first responders may not be able to respond right away. Your neighbors will likely be the first ones to offer you assistance. A prepared neighborhood is more effective in responding to and surviving a disaster.


RYLAN -Flyer

Questions? Read our FAQ or contact us


Request a Ready your LA Neighborhood workshop

By requesting a workshop, you will be provided with all the tools and materials needed to develop a neighborhood response plan EMD staff are available to support your efforts at every step. Once you submit your information, you will receive an email from us with the next steps and links to the associated materials. Hard-copy materials are also available upon request.

What does a neighborhood response plan include?
It will include a list of skills and equipment that you and your neighbors possess, what steps to take immediately after a disaster, and how to break up into response teams.

After you have submitted your information, expect EMD staff will to reach out within two weeks to discuss the specifics of your workshop and help plan your approach. The EMD staff assigned to your area will continue to support as much as you would like leading up to and following your workshop.

Request A Workshop Here

Thank you for your interest in Ready Your LA Neighborhood and helping your community become more prepared!