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Welcome to the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department (EMD) Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN) Program. RYLAN provides free and easy to use tools to help you and your family, business, and neighborhood prepare for disaster.

Emergency preparation today will help to reduce injuries, protect your property and most importantly, save lives.


Prepare Your Household

Preparing your household reduces the serious impacts of disaster. Many activities are free of cost and take only minutes.

Pack an emergency kit and develop an emergency communication plan.

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Prepare Your Neighborhood

Disasters can overwhelm the capacity of 9-1-1. Neighbors can become your best source of help.

Develop a plan for how your neighbors will help each other in the first hour after an emergency.

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Prepare Your Business

Many businesses will not reopen after widespread disaster. A few simple steps today will ensure your business can recover

Prepare your workplace for safety, train
employees and organize your vital business records.

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Sign up for the City’s emergency notification program, Notify LA. When disasters occur, the City will alert you with specific instructions on what to do.


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Enroll in FREE preparedness training classes offered by our partner agencies to enhance your readiness skills.

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